Copplestone Home offers a completely holistic service whereby you the customer are left feeling understood, supported, and inspired.

How it works: Get in touch via the contact page and let me know which service you are interested in and I will send across further information and pricing. You can also request a free 30 minute call, there is no hard sell I promise, this is just an opportunity for you to ask further questions and to see how I can help you!

Let’s see how I can help you in your home…

1. Colour Appraisal

Are you staring blankly at numerous tester pots? Undecided which to go with? Wanting to try a darker colour but feeling nervous?

A colour consultation that will take you through a detailed set of questions to discover what will align you to a colour palette that connects to your emotions and wellbeing. The colour appraisal is a unique consultation which is focussed on you the client, it is an enjoyable experience where we can discuss how you feel and react to colour. The analysis will conclude with a direction for you to focus on when choosing colour in your home. Get in touch via the contact page for further information and pricing.

2. Colour and Design Appraisal

When looking at the colour and design scheme of a room, it can often feel misaligned. Something just doesn’t work for you. It may feel like there is no flow or design style.

Taking the consultation a step further we look at design psychology. Not only can colour be aligned to you but we can also look at how you feel and react to design styles. This is a wonderful journey which can help you create an interior scheme that not only gives you a harmonising colour palette but also creates a foundation to work with when deciding on what furnishing styles work for you and your home.

3. Soft Furnishing Solutions

Are you getting confused by all the curtain heading types that you can choose from? Which interlining to go for?

This can be a confusing area for many people. This is a virtual or *face to face service (*within 15miles of CV35) where we can take time to look at your room. We can discuss your window(s) and any other soft furnishing queries you may have and begin unravelling the options available to you. We can discuss curtain heading types, what the lining options are, whether to consider blinds and so on. I can help guide you towards fabrics and explain how they will work at your window. (Within 15miles of CV35 I can arrange a measure, source fabric samples and arrange for soft furnishings to be made and fitted).

Organising and Styling

4. Home appraisal

Are you keen to sell your home quickly. Are you confident that your home presents itself in the right way to grab that potential buyer?
Many homes are sitting for too long getting regular viewings but not receiving an offer, how you see your home and how others see your home is quite different. If you are ready to embrace change to get that sale quicker then get in touch. This does not mean spending money on unnecessary redecoration but with a home appraisal I can advise subtle changes to help maximise space and features to attract the right buyer. These small changes can reduce the time your home is on the market and prevent you from reducing your house price to entice a sale.

5. Tidy Minds

The declutter, let me help you to organise your home, identifying storage needs, creating space and balancing harmony in your home. (This is not a deep clean service, my aim is to prevent you from feeling overwhelmed, to bring structure to the process of sifting through family life collections and bring back organisation and system to your home). This can be chosen as a virtual appointment or assisted by me personally if in the Warwickshire area.

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