Flipping Grey

Let’s talk about grey. As a self-confessed property addict I trawl Rightmove regularly and see a lot of house flips and the ones that have been done on a budget stick out a mile. Not because they haven’t got decent fixtures and fittings but because the stamp of the flip has been to go grey! Grey carpet, grey tiles, grey worktops, grey paint. It’s as though the renovation has taken its toll and there is no energy at the end to think about style and design. You play safe and choose grey. This depersonalisation may be to present the home to a wide audience of buyer but I put it to you that by using grey you may as well be looking at a grey sky. How would that make you feel? What emotion is in that room? Are you actually saying I’ve painted this room grey to show that it’s north facing and cold? That this house is dull and run of the mill? Grey is a combination of black and white, it can be seen as unemotional, it lacks energy and emotional connection. It struggles to get a reaction from us. How will you inspire a buyer to imagine living there? Some sellers will invest in home staging to present a lifestyle and that can be a great way to identify your buyer, present that lifestyle and get a quick sale. If your budget does not allow for this, then a harmonising palette throughout a home which embraces and compliments grey is a great option. Colour is emotion, it elicits a response from us. How do you want your buyer to feel when they enter your newly refurbished property? Colour psychology is hugely valuable in looking at behaviour and response to colour. I’m not here writing this blog to diss grey, I want it to have a place, even if it does lack colour and emotion. It can work with other colours beautifully and it can be sophisticated and stylish. Used with the right saturation and proportion this palette can exude a neutral and calming space which promotes the home you are selling.

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