I love colour, I love fabrics and I love houses.  I also love working with people! I find more and more that people are struggling to make decisions in their home whether it’s redecoration choices, sourcing furnishings and fabrics, thinking of selling or just needing to have a good old sort out!

For some of us, our home environment can change due to divorce, illness, relocation. There are newly made families that need to blend and there are times where life brings complete overwhelm! This is where the home starts to feel unfamiliar and where such change may need a creative guiding hand to navigate through life’s layers!

It may be that you just don’t know what support, advice that you are looking for and that is ok. I offer a free 30 minute call to see how I can help.

I specialise in 3 main areas:

Colour and Design Psychology

How can a colour and design consultation work for me?

Choosing colour schemes for interiors can feel overwhelming. Colour Psychology takes you on a personal journey to discover how transformative the power of colour and design can be, to look at how colour influences our thoughts, feelings, wellbeing and ultimately creating a harmonious and beautiful space that you can call home.

The consultation is not to sell you units of paint, it is not to put across my design and style taste and make the colour choices for you. This is a holistic approach where the focus is to untangle the interior confusion that many people face when redecorating and furnishing their home. But more than that, this is a unique approach where psychology plays a vital part in relating colour to our emotions and assesses the personalities that are unique to us and blends this into a framework which enhances our health and wellbeing in the home.

Soft Furnishings and Fabrics

Are you feeling confused by soft furnishing terminology? Do you know a pinch pleat from a goblet, lining and interlining types? I have 15 years’ experience of working with fabrics. Fabrics are my obsession. If you are struggling to know how to dress your window or what fabric you should be looking for, I can offer you guidance on curtain heading types, design style and the lining and interlining options.  We can also look at upholstery fabric and complimenting the colour scheme with scatter cushion options.

Organising and Styling

If you are thinking of selling your home, do you want advice on how best to present your home and grab that prospective buyer? Home staging is an impressive tool to inspire prospective buyers. It inspires a lifestyle and a visualisation for prospective buyers to envisage themselves in that space. This doesn’t mean spending a fortune on new items, we can work with what you have or decide on a small budget to make essential eye catching changes.

If you are exasperated by lack of space within your home then let me help with a home declutter, let me help you to reorganise space, identifying storage needs and reconnecting harmony in your home.

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